Drakeo, brother of the ruler, sues a living nation, and others for his fatal stabbing

Drakeo the rulerbrother now prosecution Promoters behind Angels A music festival where the artist “Talk to Me” was fatally assaulted.

lawsuit first mentioned By TMZ, attorney Devante Caldwell (aka Ralfy The Plug) details a “violent mob attack” that he says happened within minutes of his brother’s arrival at the Once Upon a Time Festival in LA last December. The focus is on alleged security issues at the festival, with Devante stating that his brother entered through a pair of checkpoints which he says were not secure enough.

separate rolling rock Report adds additional Insight, with the port indicating that the suit in question is from Devante and others Stinc . Team Individuals. The parties involved claimed that the negligence of the promoters was to blame for Dricio’s death, as well as the “severe physical and emotional harm” they said they faced during the incident.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles this week and the names of living nationSnoop Dogg’s LLC, C3 Presents, Bobby Dee Presents, and more. The attack, alleged in the lawsuit, lasted “for up to 15 minutes” and was said to have once seen the involvement of between 50 and 100 people.

“While (prosecutors) bravely defended themselves, the attack continued unabated until one of the assailants struck Drakeo in the neck with what turned out to be a fatal knife wound,” the lawsuit, which also alleges that inadequate safety measures resulted in emergency officials taking up to 30 minutes To reach Drakeo, States. “Prosecutor Devante Caldwell was along with his brother and close friend Drakeo, and witnessed the blow from inches away when it was delivered.”

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Complex has reached out to Live Nation for comment. For more information on the suit, see here And the here, respectively. News of the legal action arrives several weeks after news emerged of a lawsuit being filed against Live Nation and others over a wrongful death case. On behalf of Drakeo’s son.

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