Eight categories of the Oscars will not be shown live on TV

Eight Oscar statues, all of which go in the trash

Eight Oscar statues, all of which go in the trash
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There’s an unspoken truth about the Oscars that not everyone cares about it each category equally. The general public probably just wants to hear the best actor/actress and the best movie, movie fans love the more in-depth categories like writing or editing, and people who make short films like those all about short films. The thing is, the Academy Awards are so prestigious that everyone agrees to treat each category equally, regardless of the order in which the winners are announced, which plays a role in the idea that films private And the worthy of awarding prizes to.

Well screw that up, apparently. Today (Across diverse)The Academy announced that eight Oscars will not be handed out live during the television broadcast: Best Documentary Short Film, Best Film Editing, Best Makeup and Hairstyle, Best Original Score, Best Production Design, Best Animated Short Film, Best Short Film, and Best Film. Voice. Some of these categories are great! Sorry, everyone These categories are great!

Awards will continue, but in a dummy introductory show that starts an hour before the actual ceremony. Later, during the television broadcast, the winners’ clips and speeches on the show will be modified, just like what the Academy already does with Honorary Academy Awards. The idea is that this will give more time for “comedy, movie clips, and musical numbers” during the show, despite the fact that some are often poor, but Academy President David Rubin is so desperately trying to improve the show’s ratings that he’s willing to upset a number of Great potential of outstanding people.

Despite this, the Oscar ratings were in his defense Bad catastrophe last year, even considering how disastrous they are every year. Something has to change, though, as the Oscars rankings will be pretty low on the list of first world problems, and perhaps giving more time for comedic scenes and musical numbers is one way to address that.

But that’s all without acknowledging the elephant in the room, that the academy exists Allowing Twitter puppets to vote for a profile Category “Fan Favourite” By tweeting the hashtag “#OscarsFanFavorite” “up to 20 times a day.” The winner of this poll will Being honored during the show, meaning an award that means even less than every other one gets time while the best film editing goes down to a montage, all that some poor presenter has to say the damn Snyder Cut won a stupid award.

In any case, the 2022 Oscars, which will have fewer categories but will last a long time, will take place on March 27.

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