Emmy Rossum starred in Apple TV Plus series ‘The Crowded Room’

shameless Veterinarian Dr Emmy Rossum Taking on a new maternal role: The actress joins Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried in the Apple TV + anthology crowded roomAnd the Our sister site Delivery time reports.

Written and Executive Produced by Academy Award Winner Akiva Goldsman (beautiful Mind), the 10-episode drama explores the inspiring stories of those who have experienced mental illness and learned to live with it successfully. The first season based on the autobiography The minds of Billy Milligan Written by Daniel Keyes, it will tell the story of Milligan (played by Holland), the first person acquitted of a crime due to multiple personality disorder (also known as dissociative identity disorder).

Rossum – Who will star in the upcoming Peacock Limited Series Angelina- She will play Candy, the mother of the Holland character. (Because you might be wondering, Rossum is only ten years older than the Netherlands.)

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* Walton Goggins (justificationJoin Prime Video’s He falls A series adapted as a character inspired by the video game Ghoul, our sister site diverse reports.

*Prime Video has set Saturday, February 26th as the premiere date for The Weeknd x The Dawn FM Experiencean immersive special in which the Grammy Award-winning artist’s critically acclaimed album turns into a theatrical performance event.

* Young and troubled Alum Victoria Ruel will recur on CBS Hassan Sam as Tina Kingsley, the highly influential hospital chairwoman who is currently separated from her son Malcolm (played by Edwin Hodge), Delivery time. Its first episode airs on March 2.

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*Apple TV + has released a trailer for the second season of Snoopy Showwhich is scheduled to premiere with all six episodes on Friday, March 11, in addition to this, the broadcasting company announced two new Peanuts shows: It’s the little things, Charlie Brown (in celebration of Earth Day and premieres on Friday 15th April) and For my mom (and dad), with love (Premiere Friday, May 6th).

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