Kanye West says Donda 2 will “only be available” on Steam Player

Updated 2/18 at 7:18AM ET: you He gave more details about his Steam Player focused plans for Donda sequel. When sharing a screenshot of Donda 2 trending on Twitter Overnight, ye repeat His recent comments about rejecting the Apple deal, as well as criticism of tech companies for making music “virtually free” so that artists have to turn to other outlets for income.

“Jay-Z made Tidal and was attacked by the fake media,” Yi said in a blog post. “Okay in my big brother’s words. Come get me. I’m ready to die standing because I’m no longer living on my knees. God is covering me. I run this company 100% and I don’t have to ask for permission. This is the second generation of video game players, we have more The stuff we’re working on. I feel what I felt in the first episode of the documentary.”

Later, Ye shared what seemed to be a possibility Donda 2 Song List, indicating that the new album is currently scheduled to play 22 songs. J Cole also shouted in response to its season The last words of praise for the artist on Jin Yeoh documentary. See more of ye below.

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Artist formerly known as Kanye West Social media moved him on Thursday evening to notify fans of his upcoming album Donda 2slated for release later this month, will be released exclusively on his own platform, The stem player. The device costs $200 and allows users to customize the tracks by isolating the various instruments and songs contained in the song.

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Donda 2 It will only be available on my platform, the stem player. Not on Apple Amazon Spotify or YouTube,” Yi wrote in a post sent to Instagram. “Today, artists only get 12% of the money the industry makes. It’s time to free music from this oppressive regime. It’s time to take control and build our own. Go to stemplayer.com now to order.”

Ye’s post, which you can view below, also included a short clip of “City of the gods“.

Kanye West says his new album
Photo via Instagram / @kanyewest

Donda 2 It is due to arrive next week on Tuesday, February 22nd. Ye’s Stem Player was launched back in August of 2021 and was created by Yeezy Tech and Kano computing. Head here to read more about it Stem player and the history behind how it all came together.

Yi album 2016 Pablo’s life It was also released exclusively for a platform, sort of. After arriving exclusively on Tidal, and Ye saying the project would “never ever be made available” elsewhere, the album was uploaded to other streaming services six weeks after it was dropped. This led to a lawsuit that described the move as a “deceptive marketing ploy”. The lawsuit was finally eviction In 2019 after the parties involved reached an undisclosed agreement.

Talking about Donda 2Yee will hold an event on the same day the project is scheduled to roll out at LoanDepot Park in Miami. Your representative Tell It is complicated that it will contain a live performance. You can head to Ticket Master To book tickets for the show, which is titled “Kanye West: Donda Experience Performance”. I have previously held events at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and Soldier Field in Chicago during the kick-off of his first event. Donda album.

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