Lupine and The Crown collections stole from Netflix within hours of each other

anyway Netflix Most likely on higher alert than usual after her series set the crown I was They recently stole up to $200,000 In antiques and props, lupineone of the streaming platform’s shows, was similarly – albeit more ironically – exposed by thieves the next day.

diverse Reports This production is in the third season of Netflix lupineseries inspired by Author Maurice LeBlanc Fictional thief Arsene Lupine has resumed his hiatus last week following a robbery in Nanterre, where the series was filmed. Although none of the crew or crew was hurt when about 20 or so people threw fireworks at the group, the thieves were able to seize $333,000 worth of equipment.

Compared with the lupine theft, the crownThe thieves chose the least extravagant route by breaking into three parked cars and stealing, among other things, a replica of a Faberge egg, multiple candlesticks made of gold and silver, and multiple pieces of glassware—none of which were “necessarily in the best ‘condition'”, according to the crownDecoration set Allison Harvey.

lupineThe third season did not have a confirmed release date, and the crownThe fifth season is scheduled to premiere sometime in November.

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