Nightbirde Dead: ‘AGT’ singer Jane Marczewski dies after battle of cancer

Jane Marczewski, who captured the hearts of viewers in the 16th season of american talentsSunday, after a battle with cancerAnd the TMZ reports. She was 31 years old.

“[Marczewski] It was such a shining inspiring light in all of our lives,” eight Judge Howie Mandel tweeted on Monday. We must continue to live and learn from her words and her words. As appalled as I am about her death, I feel fortunate to have met her, heard her, and knew her.”

eight Host Terry Crews also posted This statement To Instagram shortly after the news broke: “We’re sad to know more [Marczewski’s] pass. Our condolences to her closest family and friends at such a difficult time. We love you, Nightbird.”

She performs under her stage name nightbirdMarczewski became an overnight sensation in 2021, earning a Golden Buzzer from judge Simon Cowell with a beautiful performance of “It’s OK,” an original song about her struggles. As she explained, “You can’t wait for life to get tough anymore before you decide to be happy.”

Watch a video of this powerful performance below:

Visibly impressed by the performance, Coyle told Markzewski, “Your voice is amazing. Really amazing.”

Unfortunately, that was the end of her time eight. “Since my test, my health has taken a turn for the worse, and fighting cancer requires all my energy and attention,” Marczewski announced in August 2021. Continue this season of eight. Life doesn’t always give breaks to those who deserve them – but we already knew that.”

In her last Instagram post last month, Marczewski wrote, “Honestly, things have been pretty wild. But here’s a picture of me from last week feeling beautiful, alive, awake, human, and real. I needed it. We’re all a little lost and no It’s okay.”

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