The biggest mystery in the Batman universe has been solved – and it could create a sequel

Spoilers for the future Batman! Turn around now if you haven’t seen the latest incarnation of The Dark Knight.

That’s how I saw Batman. You may have sat down Post-credit Batman scene To find a hidden message in But amidst the cipher and the cryptic code, you probably didn’t realize there was a secret message hidden inside – and it’s already been solved by the world’s greatest detective: the Internet.

Previously, the website asked you to answer some riddles – find the answers here if you’re flirting. Now, though, you’ll get a text screen, quickly followed by the website that directs you to another page. On that page, a hyperlink to Blade.

Riddler's New Batman Puzzle

(Photo credit: Warner Bros / Rataalada)

It reads: “You think I’m done, but maybe you don’t know the whole truth. Every ending is a new beginning. Something’s coming.”

This “thing” is open to interpretation, but the answers may be in the code you see when you first enter the website, and Reddit user (proper name) revenge 22 He may have broken the code.

Riddler's text on The Batman's Rataalada website

(Photo credit: Warner Bros / Rataalada)

These are not just random lines of matrix code. Each refers to an important moment in the history of Bat. The first,, is the date of May 27, 1939—which happens to be the first appearance of Batman’s realistic comic book Detective Comics #27.

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