The first trailer for Star Trek: Strange New World has arrived

Paramount debuted in the first trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worldsthe latest Star Trek series focused on the USS Enterprise (the first time the show has returned full-time to the iconic ship since then Star Trek: Enterprise It ended in 2005.

Strange new worlds It is technically a spin-off and a former show, that picks up with the crew of the USS Enterprise after their appearance on Star Trek: DiscoverySeason 2, which also makes it a precursor to Star Trek: The Original Series (Given that the show was set about a decade before Kirk took over as captain.)

As such, the crew of the establishment is a mixture of familiar and new names for the masses. Commanding the ship is Captain Pike (Anson Mount), with Rebecca Romijn as Una Chin Riley, a first officer. Spock’s Ethan Peck is there, but as a science official, as is Nyota Oora, who is still a military student at this point (played by Celia Rose Gooding).

The trailer appears to be more designed to create the overall look of the show, which seems to attempt to restore the more casual and exploratory style of the earlier Trek series (as opposed to the more serialized nature of recent shows such as Discovery or Piccard). The nostalgia factor runs strong throughout, too, with buzzing audio commentary about the wonders of space travel and the exciting sounds of the original Star Trek theme playing in the background.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It is just one of several parts of the Star Trek franchise renewed in Paramount on streaming service Paramount Plus, alongside Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Lower Decks, And the Star Trek: Miracle.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will debut on Paramount Plus on May 5th.

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