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Alexa, play Oklahoma! (lexi version).

season 2 of trance Almost done, and it was a wild ride! From new relationships to more Emmy-worthy offerings from ZendayaThere is certainly no shortage of drama and anxiety.

One of the ongoing intrigues this season has been Lexie writing and presenting a school play about the best she knows: her life. Or, more accurately, everyone else life.

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Not only did Lexi write an entire play on the drama of her family and friends, but she also somehow managed to cast actors who look just like them. Quite frankly? I am Impressed.


Label yourself – I’m Ro.

Here are the side-by-side comparisons between trance The characters and crew that prove how chaotic this whole thing is:

Nate in the play:


…yes, this is Ethan playing Nate.


And finally, the real cheer squad:

The cheerleading team:

Take me out of the crowd because I’m here for this mess!!!

What are your thoughts on Lexi’s play? Let us know in the comments!

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