Watch Jamie Lee Curtis unlock herself in Don’t Hide Her Real Body

Jamie Lee Curtis She’s dropping everything in her new movie — and says she’s “never felt more creative and physical freedom.”

The ‘Halloween’ star insisted on making her IRS auditor character inEverything everywhere at once“An unhidden version of herself. She posted the results Thursday on Instagram. (See image below).

She wrote, quoting herself in: “My instructions to everyone were: I want to hide nothing.” Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve been sucking on my stomach since I was 11, when I started becoming aware of boys and bodies, and jeans were way too tight. I specifically decided to let go of every muscle I had and let it go to hide the truth.”

Curtis has criticized the “billion dollar” beauty industry for products that are all about “hiding things.”

She wrote: “Everything hides the reality of who we are.”

Her last role could have been a cover for her 1985 film Perfect, in which she played an aerobics instructor striving to achieve a perfect physique.

The science fiction movie “Everything Everywhere Everywhere” stars Michelle Yeoh on a cosmic-jumping adventure to save the world.

Its world premiere is scheduled for Friday at the South by Southwest Festival. A limited release is set for March 25, followed by wider distribution on April 8.

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