Weekly Tarot card reading from March 7 to 13, 2022

What do the tarot cards tell us this week? Are we all going to hit the lottery and shove unexpected money?

The weekly tarot card reading for all the signs of the zodiac starting March 7 to 13, 2022 is one that brings many facts and dreams to the surface.

Do our dreams come true, or will old memories weigh us down? Will we find visions of who we really are, or will we be Suffering from self-doubt and anxiety over lovehealth and family?

Ah, the things of life – and human. There is always something bothering us, right? And while we always show that everything is impermanent, we’re still very entangled in drama and emotional baggage.

Life consists of Lots of conflicting concepts…attachment brings pain, while separation brings peace. If so, how do we experience life? We need the facility in order to have something to do!

This, of course, is where the problem begins. We want to do more than just sit in an apron, meditate on a rock, and so we find “things to do” It leads to falling in love With, which leads to people breaking our hearts, and so forth. But it is worth it, such a bright life.

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It’s worth the pain, mainly because… it’s not all pain. She is experienced, and the experience is full of vitality.

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