‘Wheel of Fortune’ viewers were outraged by the contestant’s failure to solve the puzzle in 3 attempts

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Tuesday night”wheel of fortuneLeft viewers were stunned by the contestant’s inability to solve the puzzle despite having three attempts.

clip from file View game Spread on Twitter. Show an unresolved phrase that reads, “Another feather _N YO_R _A_.”

“Another feather in your hat,” contestant Laura answered incorrectly on her first attempt.

Seconds later, Laura gets a second chance to solve the puzzle after contestant Christopher guesses the letter “G” incorrectly, and contestant Thomas is plunged into bankruptcy when he spins the wheel.

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“Another feather in your lap,” Laura guessed incorrectly again.

“No, although the feathers are moving,” host Pat Sajak joked.

Then Christopher incorrectly guessed the letter “D” during his next turn, and Thomas had bad luck again when the wheel landed on Lose Your Turn.

Then, for the third time, Laura spins the wheel and guesses the letter “P.” correctly. When she had a choice to spin or solve, Laura made an effort to solve the puzzle.

“Another feather in your map,” Laura said, “failing to answer correctly on her third attempt.”

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The phrase was not properly solved until Thomas bought the letter C, revealing the correct riddle as “Another feather in your hat.”

Sausage, 75, said, “Here you are.

The show is now trending on Twitter, with social media users broadcasting their reprimand for the “miserable” part. Some described the episode as a “curse”, while others said it was “infuriating” to watch and caused “outrage”.

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One Twitter user replied: “The dumbest two minutes in the history of Wheel of Fortune.”

“Has anyone else found themselves screaming into their TV in frustration during the Wheel of Fortune broadcast last night? Another feather at CAP,” another wrote on Twitter.

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“#WheelOfFortune Looking for another feather in my lap? Nap? Map? Rap? Sap? Gap?” Another joked.

Another added, “I would never believe Wheel of Fortune is where people who aren’t smart enough to be on Jeopardy are sent.”

One person admitted that the grueling two minutes it took for a contestant to correctly solve the puzzle was “the most pissed off thing I’ve ever seen in any video in my entire life.”

“As a former Wheel of Fortune contestant, I feel like the guy who just wanted to answer the riddle and kept circling bankruptcy and losing his turn,”Justin Robinson said To support Thomas.


Another Twitter user wrote: “I watched the trailer for Wheel of Fortune and I’m not convinced it wasn’t the first seal of the apocalypse to be opened.”

Despite trolling online contestants, one person praised Sajak for “never losing them”.

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